Exceptionally tasty, no exceptions

The journey from a carefully selected seed is filled with love and sunshine, and of course, precisely controlled temperature and humidity. Small wonder the result is great tasting fruits and veggies.

We began a mission to reliably provide great-tasting, fresh produce that is sustainably and locally grown.

This takes more than technology and innovative farming techniques – it takes people.

That’s the reason why we hold our culture paramount, and ensure that everyone on our team embodies the values we stand for.

Grown here, not flown here

When the produce is grown less than 100 km from where it’s going to be eaten, freshness and taste will be on a high, and carbon footprints, way, way low.

We grow, you grow

If you care for nature’s best and top-quality produce, you could be the person we’re looking for. Let’s grow together.

What we’re offering

Purpose Power

Purpose Power

When our purpose is large enough to rewrite the future of this planet, it becomes our power.
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Results Matter

Results Matter

When the path to sustainable farming is about defying the odds, the only thing that matters in the end are results.
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Grow Better Together

Grow Better Together

It may be an individual’s vision, but it takes an entire team to realize it. That’s the secret to constant growth.
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It takes smart people to make smart farms.

When others saw a desert, we saw a potential for sustainable farming. When they saw summer, we saw year-round sunlight. And that was just the beginning.


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Our Vision

Create a sustainable future by reimagining farming and revolutionizing food production

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